Enry makes it simple to organize trainings.

Set up a training time, invite friends, and get updates on who will join.

Enry (say: “Energy”) is a technical solution for your smartphone to get the best training you ever had: with all your friends. It is now easier and more convenient than ever to step over your doorstep and find all your favourite people enjoying your favourite sport.

  • Expensive squash courts or that new tennis hall: You want to get the most out of your hobby!
  • No one signed up for volleyball today? You can send reminders to everyone.
  • You don’t want be left behind in training, because the other competitors are too strong for you? The App will tell you who to play against based on past scores of matches against others.
  • Get rewards for training regularly and consistently while taking responsibility for your own body and well-being.
  • Book your training center membership through Enry and get a discount!
  • Get in contact with training related services: Personal Trainers, Physiotherapists, Coaches, Racket Stringers, Equipment Sales & more

Enry is made by students for students

You can contribute to foster the vibrant student sports culture and help it bring joy and health to the future of any city:

- The Students -

Core Team

Lars Føleide - Heart

Lars has his roots in entrepreneurship. 20 years of university education and an international network of professionals make him the ideal candidate for this high-potential startup.

His achievements include:

  • B.Sc. Computer Science, B.Sc. Marketing (NTNU Ålesund)
  • M.Sc. Innovation & Entrepreneurship (University of Oslo)
  • M.Sc. Business & Administration (Norwegian School of Economics)
  • PhD Innovation & Entrepreneurship (64 ECTS, BI Business School)
  • Visiting Scholar (UC Berkeley, California)
  • Master Informatics (2019, NTNU Trondheim)
  • Master Impact Entrepreneurship (2020, NTNU Trondheim)

Lukas Krondorf - Muscle

Lukas is pure energy. Having recently graduated from his Masters in Exercise Physiology at NTNU, he is now out for an even bigger challenge. He will be able to dedicate his full attention at coordination and management of all involved parties. His field is sports. Of any kind. He knows about the different attitudes and needs of sportsmen & -women of all kinds, which will be crucial in the continuous development of the services to be provided by Enry as a smartphone application.

Daniel Schmitz - Backbone

No company could be successful without a proper financial organisation. Daniel will provide Enry AS with his accounting skills and ensure easy communication. With his Masters in Business Administration, he is more than well-equipped for his coming tasks at Enry AS.

Sebastian Wells Klev - Head

Sebastian controls. He is the rational, cool mind of our enterprise. Someone has to keep the overview and who could do that better than our Master in “Wheeling & Dealing”? Sebastian comes well equipped with a recent M.Sc. in Exercise Physiology from NTNU and experience from professional soccer in Norway. Tasks for him will include controlling investor-acquisition & -communication.

Marvel Leonhardsen - Veins

Marvel is exceptional. A sports lover, an investor, a traveller and likes being fit. She is our first lady in the team and makes sure that we are in a great form. With her strong personality, she also possesses leadership quality and experiences. She is an expert in multi-tasking. Her creativity will serve as a tool for spreading great news and connecting the team to all new possible partners globally.

Check out our Prototype

As we are developing our App to suit your needs best, we created a prototype to show the basic functionality of Version 0.1.

The graphical prototype offers our back-end programmers the necessary guidelines to make Enry as perfect an App possible.


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